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Being able to move up and down mountains is the epitome of human capabilities. It requires muscular strength, endurance, stability, balance, and of course. . . MOBILITY.  


Having a high level of total body mobility increases your options when climbing up rocky terrain.  Big mountains demand increase hip range of motion, knee flexion, twisting, reaching and maneuvering your body in various ways. Being mobile means you are able to adapt and move freely through various terrain and obstacles. 


Key Parameters of Durability and enhancing your Movement Capacity. 


  1. Carrying Weight


  1. Pulling and Pushing Weight


  1. Hanging and Supporting own Bodyweight 


  1. Joint ROM Mobility, Stability, and overall Balance


  1. Resistance Training and loading foundational Human Movement Patterns 


  1. Crawling, Crouching, Climbing, Rolling


  1. Zone 2 (aerobic) and Zone 4,5 (anaerobic) Cardiovascular Training.

What Is Mountain Mobility?

Increase Your abilities!

Mountain Mobility’s mission is to optimize movement, enhance human abilities, build durability, increase longevity, and offset age related decline and disease.  


We focus on mastery of all movement approach. By implementing mobility, stability, and balance into a daily routine and training programs.


We aim to optimize all movement patterns of the body through various mobility techniques developed from experience in:


  • Men’s gymnastics

  • Olympic weightlifting

  • Trail running 

  • Climbing Mountains

  • Yoga

  • Resistance Training 


Your Are Capable of MORE!


To develop and enhance human movement capabilities,

Mountain Mobility believes in these training aspects: 


  • Dynamic flexibility exercise sequences

  • Sport/Goal specific resistance training

  • Sport/Goal Specific Total Body Control

  • Incorporating triphasic training principles 

  • Position Reinforcement

  • Nightly Stretching paired with diaphragmatic breathing 

Combining all these aspects of movement in a structured routine will generate an increase in

  • Full Range of Motion in Joints  

  • Stability throughout the full range of motion

  • Enhance form and technique in strength training 

  • Increase total body durability, stability and flexibility 

  • Unlock hidden human potential

  • A stronger mind-body connection

And decreases in: 

  • Injuries

  • Sedentary Lifestyle

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Falls

By doing so we prepare the body for anything and strive for humans to,


“Make the impossible appear effortless!” 

Fig 4 glute bridge _1.16.1.jpg

Movement = Freedom

Explore all areas of movement in this general mobility and dynamic flexibility program.


Derived from elite men's gymnastics warm up routines, these dynamic flexibility movements and exercises will prime and preapare the body for just about anything!


Great to do daily or 3x/week.

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