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We are excited for you to begin optimizing your movements and increasing your abilities! Just a couple steps to begin.


How Uplift Works

Here to Lift you Up and help YOU Move Up Your Mountains!


Fill Out Form 

Fill out form and schedule first consultation with coach Ryan Terrill. 


Meet with Ryan Terrill

We will go over your level of ability and help you determine the right route based on your needs and access to equipment.


We will also plan where we will meet during our weekly training based on our partnering locations. (Shown Below) 


Movement Assessment and Program Development.


Get moving and start your journey to reaching your full movement potential. 

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Uplift Pricing 

Multiple Structures 

With UPLIFT, we offer 3, 6, and 9 week Programs. We believe training programs should have a beginning and an end.  

Payment Total for each length: 

- 3 week: $275.00

- 6 week: $455.00

- 9 week: $635.00

Total Payment includes: 

  • Mobility assessment and Needs Analysis (FREE)

  • 1x Complete training program development fee ($50.00)

  • 1x 60 - 90min individual training session/week.  ($60.00/each)

  • 3days/week Online Training plan with follow along videos and exercise descriptions. ($15.00 each Day)

 Individual Invoices will be sent via email. You pay weekly until your plan is completed.  


The online training plan portion of the program will consist of follow along videos and exercise description videos.  These workouts will be sent as .pdf files with video links that you complete by yourself on your own time at your home or in your gym.  

If you are not in the State College area, or want a program to do completely online, no worries! Get in contact with us and we can accommodate! 

Fill out a form with the equipment you have access to, and we will make a program that fits. 

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