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Movement = freedom

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A comprehensive mobility training session. 

Derived from men's gymnastics warm up practices, these 30-40min dynamic flexibility sessions will allow you to flow through just about every possible movement aiming to aid in total body prep for training, injury prevention, or recovery. 

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The Foundation program goes through many various movements and movement sequences. It is important that you understand some of the basic movement principles and some ground rules before we get started.  


Principle Number 1:

We are all different body types, and at different levels of movement ability. My positions may look different from yours. The key is to focus on what to feel. 


Principle Number 2:

Mobility takes consistency. You can not expect to become incredibly mobile and able to do anything overnight. This is a daily practice. A routine. 


Rule Number 1:

Discomfort is common when training new movements, however, if you feel a sharp pain, or Do not quite understand the movement at first. Replay the section of video and view it first before you try. 


Rule Number 2:

Transition slowly with control of each movement. Never force yourself into a position you are not ready for.  


Rule Number 3:

Do not be frustrated and listen to your body. 


Now on to learn so basic starting positions. 


  1. Stand

  2. Sumo 

  3. Lunge

  4. Straddle Sit 

  5. Quadruped 

  6. Prone 

  7. Supine 

  8. Pike 

  9. Seal 

  10. Push Up

  11. Crab

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