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Mobilility Micro-dosing

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Dynamic Flexibility. Position Reinforcement. Deep Stretching.

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Movement Quality


These sessions enhance human performance by increasing form, technique, flexibility, and total body range of motion.

Movement quality increases capacity. 

You must proceed with extreme attention to detail. Get rid of any distractions that you may encounter while completing these sessions.  


These sessions are about perfecting your ability to move without outside stress or force.

All of these mini sessions are movements created from a wide range of sport-specific movement patterns, joint stabilization techniques, gymnastics flexibility needs, and our own creations of mobility sequences. 

Each starting position is normally 3 exercise variations grouped together in repetitions of 3's. 

Movement Meant to Flow

The Mobility Micro-Dosing program flows from the top down.

Begin standing, then transition to push up, all 4s, then to prone and/or supine.


You will develop a full understanding of many movements and dynamic flexibility sequences of the body in these positions.


This provides an efficient way outside of your normal daily exercise routine or practice schedule to master all movement capabilities. 

Three sessions a day.  

1. Morning Mobility 

2. Afternoon Position Reinforcement 

3. Nightly deep Stretch


This allows you to become more aware of your own body, increase mobility, and develop an understanding of main areas throughout the body that could have areas of weakness, tightness, or any issues in your basic movement patterns that you may not know exist. 


If you don't use it you lose it.  


This is a program to keep all your body's movement abilities readily available so you can do more over time while decreasing the risk of injury due to lack of movement

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